Thug Package

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+ Up to $120.000.000 (120m, banked) in GTA:Online!
+ Up to 120 levels added
+ All your stats maxed

IMPORTANT: All the options are completly optional, just leave a note after placing an order so you can have a custom order. The max amounts are listed above.
Info about all the options can be found in the description, click on the product and check the description below.

Proof of our service can be found here:


Thug Package:
Info about the options and how it works can be found here.
Proof can be found here:
Scroll further down if you want to know how the process works.

Package options:

– $120,000,000 Banked money
(Pretty straightforward, you get 120m banked money, or any amount lower if you prefer that.)

– Up to 120 levels
(A maximum of 120 levels added to your online account. So you can tell us any level to set your level to but keep in mind that we can add 120 levels maximum with this package.)

– All your Stats maxed
In GTA5:Online your character has certain stats which you can level up, for example shooting, driving, flying, health.
If the skill shooting for example is maxed out you can carry max ammo on you, so the maxed skill have nice perks.

Please refer to our livechat or discord if you have any more questions.

I want to order a “Stealth Pack”, how does it work?
Important notes:
You need to understand that we need to login on your account to be able to give this kind of service. (We also have a service which doesnt require login info to be shared, refer to Private Drops.)
If you bought the game via Steam you will need to give us your steam login. (You can keep 2fa enabled)
If you bought the Social Club version of the game we will only need your SC login..

1. On the checkout screen you fill in your account data
2. You complete the checkout by paying
3. You can either contact us or we will try to contact you for faster delivery
4. We will login on your account, and complete your order on your account
5. We will send a screenshot and let you know when it is done so you can go check it out!

10 reviews for Thug Package

  1. Khazuni

    Literally the quickest recovery I’ve ever gotten. Took about 5 minutes and all I asked for was delivered. Best service and Kush is such a nice guy! Definitely recommend this!

  2. HalfDead15

    Service was amazing, really friendly and suppppppper quick, would definitely buy again if I had to 10/10

  3. SaltyWeetbix

    Amazing and friendly staff. got exactly what i asked for and it was much faster than i expected.

  4. PetarP

    Everything happened in 10 minutes. Recommend 100% Even got a money and lvl bonus 🙂

  5. Daan

    Fast, simple and nice. Got even a 70 million bonus

  6. LegendLu1s

    Top service, fast, cheap. Everything is just nice!

  7. isaiahwow

    was nervous at first, nice guy and easy process. contact him with the chat in the bottom right to make everything easier

  8. BRB Snoozin

    Worked like a charm! Super cheap and he had it done and ready to go in under 15 minutes. What more could you ask for!?

  9. HazelCapulus

    Absolutely stellar service. Incredibly quick, and absolutely no hassles. Would definitely buy again, A++

  10. Kevin Wingler

    Safe and definitely worth buying! I would recommend this site for any purchase! 10/10 work and service

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