Tony Montana Package

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+ Up to $1.337.000.000 (1.3b, banked) in GTA:Online!
+ Up to 1000 levels added
+ All your stats maxed
+ Everything unlocked
+ Clear Badsports + Reports
+ Custom KD (In development)
+ Custom Playtime (In development)

IMPORTANT: All the options are completly optional, just leave a note after placing an order so you can have a custom order. The max amounts are listed above.
Info about all the options can be found in the description, click on the product and check the description below.

Proof of our service can be found here:


Tony Montana Package:
Info about the options and how it works can be found here.
Scroll further down if you want to know how the process works.

Package options:

– $1.337.000.000 Banked money
(Pretty straightforward, you get 1.3b banked money, or any amount lower if you prefer that.)

– Up to 1000 levels
(A maximum of 1.000 levels added to your online account. So you can tell us any level to set your level to but keep in mind that we can add 1.000 levels maximum with this package.)

– All your Stats maxed
In GTA5:Online your character has certain stats which you can level up, for example shooting, driving, flying, health.
If the skill shooting for example is maxed out you can carry max ammo on you, so the maxed skill have nice perks.

– Everything Unlocked
Everything that normally is unlocked behind challenges, achievements, or other ingame activites is now unlocked
Things that get unlocked:

– Clear BadSports and Reports
Clears Badsports and all Reports you had on your account.

– Custom KD/ Custom PlayTime
Tell us your preferred KD or Playtime and we can set it to that.

Please refer to our livechat or discord if you have any more questions.

I want to order a “Stealth Pack”, how does it work?
Important notes:
You need to understand that we need to login on your account to be able to give this kind of service. (We also have a service which doesnt require login info to be shared, refer to Private Drops.)
If you bought the game via Steam you will need to give us your steam login. (You can keep 2fa enabled)
If you bought the Social Club version of the game we will only need your SC login..

1. On the checkout screen you fill in your account data
2. You complete the checkout by paying
3. You can either contact us or we will try to contact you for faster delivery
4. We will login on your account, and complete your order on your account
5. We will send a screenshot and let you know when it is done so you can go check it out!

17 reviews for Tony Montana Package

  1. Weeksy

    Very fast service- very trustworthy and get what you pay for (even sometimes more!!) Would also recommend joining the discord for money drops and a nice community to game with!!

  2. Xperr

    Fast and good. Thank you so much

  3. Gamba

    Highly recommend this, he’s incredibly trustworthy and got it done in around 10 minutes, better then I expected and even through in some extra cash. Will be recommending to friends and high recommend it to others.

  4. Kyle

    Very quick and reliable service. 110% Would buy again. And will recommend to my friends

  5. jack

    Was done in less than 20 mins and was kind enough to give extra cash.

  6. ThatoneGuy

    Definitely a five star service, very helpful and guiding in his answers. Quick replies, fast service and last but not least, a legitimate service.
    I can ensure your that you will be pleased with your purchase.

  7. Bopolo

    Got everything promised within 30mins of purchase. 10/10 Would recommend

  8. MrLW

    recommended fast and friendly will use again when needed.

  9. Diantgildo

    This guy is awesome, bought a few 1 hour money drops and realized I could easily do account recovery instead and he refunded me one of the money drops and is giving me account recovery instead 🙂 couldnt ask for better service this guy is legit af. I dont trust many people but he is super nice and chill. Highly recommend his services!

  10. skrrt

    Took about 30 mins and was super easy, done through steam aswell without problems.

  11. Charma

    Perfect service. Thank you!

  12. Viecherei

    Extremely quick service. Messaged one of the staff guys on discord and they got me set up in a matter of minutes. Don’t hesitate, it’s worth the money.

  13. Simon

    Super Super easy! This lad is trustworthy 2 101% If any of you guys are sceptic about giving out your steam acc i can promise you this! This guy is trustfull! It seems like he dont want nothing else than good respons and that is why he has 5 stars on every review! Because it is cheap! very easy and it is done within 15 min! Highly recommend! 😀

  14. Berbb

    Very fast and easy. The seller responded to me within 30 seconds of contact and helped me out with questions.

  15. Xecrone

    Fast delivery and legitimate delivery, nice service and good prices!

  16. Nova Six

    I definitely recommend buying from this webshop! They deliver very fast and are very trustable for sure. I even got more money than I ordered. I got my stuff after 25 minutes.

  17. Quinten

    VERY GOOD, DEFINITELY RECOMMEND I just bought Tony Montana package and he gave me way more money then what I paid for. The discount code that I won on the Discord channel worked perfectly and fast service. I couldn’t pay with PayPal so i asked if I could use other payment methods which was no problem. Fast responses as well. 20 minutes after paying I had my stuff.

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